Friday, June 28, 2013

Because 7 is the Lucky Number

Hey there guys. This is Candice writing again on this random blog. To day I wanted to write about an anime I've finished watching recently but began watching a long time ago because I simply kept on forgetting to continue watching it. I want to write about Samurai 7. In my opinion, it was a good anime to watch and I can say it's recommendable though I did not really understand much the ending part. If you want to watch it, go ahead.
Samurai 7 is mainly about a village that always gets looted during the harvest season by a group of bandits -- in this anime bandits are samurais that do not follow the samurai way of things and do things as they please, like looting. The village elder suggested to hire samurais to defeat those bandits to finally live peacefully. Kirara, the main character here (a village girl, of course), sets out along with her little sister, Komachi, and a village man, Richiro (if I'm not mistaken), to look for those samurais. They end up gathering seven of those samurais and go to the village and start teaching the villagers how to fend for themselves and they work together to get rid of the bandits. 
Well, this summary can't get any lousier, but I think it's one of the best ones I've done so far ^_^; My bad ^_^;

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tales of the Abyss in 3D

Hey there guys. This is Candice (again) posting for second time today. I'm trying to make up for the time I haven't been posting because I was very busy. Right now I want to post about a game I had finished playing recently and has to do with a very old post about it. I'm talking about the Tales of the Abyss for the Nintendo 3DS!! ^_^ Well, it is very close to the anime except that it has variations to adapt it with the gameplay system. Its gameplay is exactly the same as the ones from the other Tales of series. Tales of the Abyss also has a version for PlayStation 2 just in case you are interested in this game. It was actually a very good game though I did not think about it that way when I started playing it because I didn't understand a thing. But as I played I came to understand practically everything. I do recommend this game for you to play either for Nintendo 3DS or for PlayStation 2. I don't know anything about the PlayStation 2 version because I don't own a PS 2, but my guess is that they are the same thing maybe except the graphic design and , of course, the 3D thing. I will share the opening movie with you, but I don't own anything (same goes for other things like pictures I like to post) from it so please credit the respective owners please. Thank you and enjoy ^_^ 
P.S.: If you ask about the opening song, it's called Karma and is sung by Bump of Chicken (it's a very good band, in my opinion).

Tharja Figure is Finally Out!!

Hello everyone. This is Candice posting again in a very long time. Sorry I haven't been posting things lately. I've been quite busy over the previous month till now. Alright, I have some news for all those Fire Emblem fans and crazy collectors out there ^_^ Our all-time favorite cursing-people-for-fun dark mage, Tharja, scale figure is now out for pre-order!! However (how I hate these kind of bad news x_x), she is only available in Japan TT^TT Which means that Tharja won't be available in Good Smile online shop nor in stores outside Japan :I  But you can still pre-order her from other sites X)  Well, about "Marth" figma I don't know anything about it yet. Anyways, I'll try to put up more posts to make up for last month ^_^'

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Merging Two Worlds for Peace

Hello everyone. ^_^ This is Candice posting in this random blog yet again. Today I want to write about another game-based anime from the Tales series. This time it'll be about none other than Tales of Symphonia!! XD It's based on a game with the same name for the GameCube system. There's also sequels to it as well as for the game (I think it's available for the Nintendo Wii). This anime is totally and absolutely recommendable. I really enjoyed watching it and I couldn't stop watching it until I finished. I think it was totally worth the time watching it. Even if Tales of Symphonia has its sad moments it contains a very beautiful message in it. However, I can't decide on which one is better: Tales of the Abyss or Tales of Symphonia... o_o'
Tales of Symphonia is basically about Lloyd and his friend, Genis, and teacher, Reine (who is Genis's sister), who try to save Colette. Colette was the Chosen One to become an angel to save the world they live in. In order to do so they must travel with Colette and a mercenary, Katos, to the place where she becomes and angel (I don't really remember the name of it o_o). Then after Colette nearly becomes an angel, though she almost loses her being, she must recover her soul in some way. Then they travel to a parallel world. There they meet new friends that try to help Lloyd save Colette and the world without any sacrifices. They all eventually discover all sorts of secrets, especially why the two worlds were split and what were the angels were trying to do with Colette.
Well, sorry for the lousy summary. This story is simply too long to write it in a short way. Just as a mentioned before, I recommend you my dear readers to watch it. I wish to share something with you guys but I couldn't find anything in good conditions, so my apologies to you. Hope you enjoy this anime as much as I did XD

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hey there guys. This is Candy posting once again in this blog. ^_^  I hope my recent problem with my old account is over. The means I'm posting with a new one. That reminds me that I must tell you not to add anyone with my name or with this address: in anything, not even Facebook. +__+ Oh yeah sorry if I didn't come up with a creative title for this post XI

Alright back to the topic. Today I wanted to write about an otome game-based anime from the well-known Idea Factory that came out not so recently this year. The anime I'm going to write about is none other than AMNESIA. To be honest I've never played the game because I don't have a PlayStation 2. I personally think that it was worth to watch it, but I wouldn't say that it was one of my favorites. But let's take into consideration that I'm not used to watching romantic stuff or anything of the sort. I watched it because some friend of mine suggested it. I would still say it's fun to watch and recommendable (highly) especially to those who like romance to say the least.

Alright, AMNESIA is basically about a female protagonist (whose name, ironically, is never mentioned o_o' so let's call her Heroine) who loses her memory while she worked in the cafe as a waitress. She wakes up and sees a spirit called Orion, who helps her out with what to say as the girl lost her memories. Orion can be seen, talked to, and heard only by the main character. The girl's coworker tells her that someone came to pick her up. Then two guys, Shin and Toma, come in to take the girl back to her house, but she does not recognize them as she has amnesia. She and her coworkers - including Shin and Toma and two other guys, Ikky and Ken -  (and the manager) are preparing to go for a trip. Heroine gets what she think is a flashback of Shin telling her that killed a man (well, Shin never mentioned who) and thinks Shin did it. During the trip everyone (the cafe staff) went out at night to watch a meteor shower. Heroine and Shin are left alone and Heroine gets scared enough from Shin to run off from a cliff (accidentally though). She wakes up in a hospital and sees that the date is August 1. Shin tells her that they are actually dating and later on Heroine suffers a car accident. She wakes up in her room and sees that it's still August 1. And that happens with the other guys. Woah, so far she has 4 different boyfriends o_o' Lucky you! Well I won't tell the end 'cuz I'm no good storyteller. Ayways I'll share the first episode with you guys which I don't own. Enjoy XD

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Read this please

Hi there dear readers. I want to request something small from you. If by any chance any of had added someone in Facebook with my name under this e-mail: please ignore (or rather delete) him/her. I don't know what type of things is posting but do ignore them. I realized that someone was using this e-mail rather recently. I found a lot of e-mail from Facebook about all the actions done by this person when I never used this e-mail to create an Facebook account. Thank you for your cooperation X)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Hetalia episode

Hey there guys, this is Candy posting again in this blog. Since I don't have much to talk about lately I'll be sharing another Hetalia episode with you guys, you know, to not to make this silence too long and banal. This episode I'm sharing is from the World Series special episodes, if my memory serves me right right now, I hope you are all aware that there is already a fifth season out a long time ago, I think even before I started this blog. I don't won anything from this episode, which means that credit must go to Himaruya Hidekaz (creator of Hetalia) and other people I don't know about. By the way, this one isn't subbed, so I'm totally sorry about it. If you want it subbed, I'm afraid you'll have to look for it somewhere else. Enjoy X)