Thursday, May 9, 2013

Merging Two Worlds for Peace

Hello everyone. ^_^ This is Candice posting in this random blog yet again. Today I want to write about another game-based anime from the Tales series. This time it'll be about none other than Tales of Symphonia!! XD It's based on a game with the same name for the GameCube system. There's also sequels to it as well as for the game (I think it's available for the Nintendo Wii). This anime is totally and absolutely recommendable. I really enjoyed watching it and I couldn't stop watching it until I finished. I think it was totally worth the time watching it. Even if Tales of Symphonia has its sad moments it contains a very beautiful message in it. However, I can't decide on which one is better: Tales of the Abyss or Tales of Symphonia... o_o'
Tales of Symphonia is basically about Lloyd and his friend, Genis, and teacher, Reine (who is Genis's sister), who try to save Colette. Colette was the Chosen One to become an angel to save the world they live in. In order to do so they must travel with Colette and a mercenary, Katos, to the place where she becomes and angel (I don't really remember the name of it o_o). Then after Colette nearly becomes an angel, though she almost loses her being, she must recover her soul in some way. Then they travel to a parallel world. There they meet new friends that try to help Lloyd save Colette and the world without any sacrifices. They all eventually discover all sorts of secrets, especially why the two worlds were split and what were the angels were trying to do with Colette.
Well, sorry for the lousy summary. This story is simply too long to write it in a short way. Just as a mentioned before, I recommend you my dear readers to watch it. I wish to share something with you guys but I couldn't find anything in good conditions, so my apologies to you. Hope you enjoy this anime as much as I did XD

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