Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fire Emblem Figures!! +o+

Hey there people from around the world. This is Candice posting something random on this random blog x u x This time I'll be posting about something relatively interesting. It'll be interesting for those crazy figurine collectors (I'm one myself even if I can't buy them but I wish to do so). I'm actually talking about yet-to-come Fire Emblem: Awakening figures @.@ I'm going all crazy just to get one of these Fire Emblem figurines. >_<

They are made by the well-known Max Factory! There are going to be (as far as I know) two of these figurines: a scale figure of the cursing-people-for-fun dark mage Tharja and the mysterious sword wielder "Marth" figma. I don't know when are they going to be released, but I'm pretty sure they ARE going to be released. If I find out more about these figures I'm pretty sure I'll be reporting to you XD By the way, I'm killing myself for the "Marth" figma X o X I'll be sharing some pictures showing these figure (I don't own anything so...) 

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